Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tombees du camion

images for their three stores, the third is Clingancourt
collage on their web site
some of the prizes that I bought

While visiting Paris for the first time last year I came across Tombees du Camion at the Clingancourt flea market. It translates as "Fallen from the Truck" and it seemed as if the truck was full of my deepest fantasies! The chaos of the market was so distracting, then I heard faint circus music-- a repeated clicking of a roller coaster and a small band was playing as if inside of a tunnel of time. I followed the sound, and was met with rows and rows of wooden boxes filled with vintage circus prizes. All made from wood and hand painted or the earliest experiments with plastic in the most wonderful faded colors. I still think it was a fantasy but I found their web site where I discovered they have two other stores in the Paris! here is their sight:

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