Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bower birds

a collection of glass
how did he find so many blue straws?
ready to paint!
almost looks like a Tony Cragg

My sister told me about Bower Birds last night and I can't stop looking at these amazing nests they build. The males build a structure and decorate it with brightly colored objects to attract females. The females "visit" the bowers and choose the most attractive mates. Some even paint their bower walls with mashed berries! A scientist noted that the more elaborate nests belonged to the males with the least remarkable plumage. The human and avian world intersect!


  1. There are golden bower birds too! I love the neat little piles of color, like a palette.

  2. I saw a Nature program on these little wonders years ago....did you know that if the female is impressed she stays inside for some hanky panky...if not, she flies away, the male abandons his work and immediately begins work on another one!

    These shots are incredible!